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Smile With Confidence Again!  

Cover missing, crooked, stained or broken teeth. Speak & drink normally, even smoke, while wearing. Can be worn over natural teeth, crowns, veneers.

Stop worrying about what people will think of your teeth.

Imako Cosmetic Teeth hides many dental problems, even up to 4 missing front teeth. Once fitted (which can be done, by yourself, at home) they snap onto your upper teeth for a secure fit, yet remove easily at your discretion.

Slip them on for job interviews, pictures, or whenever you need a boost of confidence. No adhesives are used, just your own natural bite.

The Imako comes in Natural or Bleached look. (UPPERS ONLY)

NOTE: For LOWERs where you have MISSING teeth we would recommend 
Available in both Natural and Bleached look.
(see returns policy)

The Imako unit comes in LARGE and SMALL size, this is the overall length of the unit itself NOT the tooth size.   

For the correct size for your mouth measure across your upper front four teeth, if the measurement is 3 cms (30mm) or less, you require a SMALL, If over 3 cms then a LARGE is required. 

For the correct fitting of the Imako please click on the Video to the left.  

This is what People are saying about Imako
Who is the Imako for? 
  • Great for Photo shoots
  • Actors / Models /Singers
  • Graduations /Proms / Reunions
  • Engagements /Weddings /Parties
  • Your First Date
  • Holidays / At Home
  • Interviews
  • Anytime you want to look your very best.
  • It Covers Dis-Coloured Teeth.
  • It Covers Gapping.
  • It Covers Missing Teeth.
It is for everyone who needs a quick, temporary fix.

Loved the product so much....

I bought the company!!  not quite but I did start importing them from the USA and opened the UK distribution centre, that was 4 years ago and since then we have given 100's of people back their smiles.   

"So, what's my secret?

Surprise. I know you’ve been waiting for so long and here it is finally. Imako cosmetic teeth. Highly recommended. Changed my life. I mean it. Go get yours. They’re fricking awesome. 
I hope everybody enjoyed my video and I hope it’s helped lots of others in the future. 
Love you. Bye.
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Includes P+P £4.95 UK.
    FREE Postage.. £29.99 each. SAVE £15.02!!
      FREE Postage.. £24.99 each SAVE £60
        You can contact us at -
        Mobile - (0044) 7931 981600
        Landline - (0044) 1303 778931  
        One of things we are very proud of here at is our association with the Global charity Operation Smile (United Kingdom) and the fantastic work these Doctors and volunteers do around the World transforming young children's lives. 

        By helping to put a Smile on your face, we are also helping put a Smile on theirs because a  percentage of every single sale from we donate to this amazing charity.
        Frequently Asked Questions.
        Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, should there be something not answered below please give us a shout....

        1.) Do you make lower teeth?
        Sorry we do not do lower teeth, because you would not be able to close your bite without dislodging them. There are products out there but they will make it difficult to speak and potentially cause damage to upper teeth and jaw alignment.

        2.) I was unable to get a good fit.
        If you could not get the Imako Cosmetic Teeth to fit, there are two main reasons:
        1. you did not press them firmly against your teeth while the fitting layer was melted.
        2. you moved them around after pressing and did not get a clear imprint.
        The good thing is, you can try again.

        3.) I didn't see anything that explained how they stay on; glue,denture cream? I could not figure it out. Please help!!
        The way they fit is a mechanical function. By having the imprint of your teeth on the inside, they are able to grip because of matching surfaces. It is flexible and simply clips into place.

        4.) How long do they last?
        The product can last for 2 years or more if used only for special occasions. Smoking will stain the product very quickly so you should remove them while smoking.

        5.) What are they made of?
        They are made of two layers. The front layer which resembles teeth and gums is made of an elastomer (mixture of rubber and plastic) FDA approved for implantation in humans. It is extremely tear-resistant and flexible. The back layer is made of a low-melt thermoplastic, GRAS. No adhesives are used to attach the two layers. Imako Cosmetic Teeth® are made in the USA.. They are odorless and tasteless.

        6.) How do you clean the Imako shell?
        We recommend daily cleaning by wiping with rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol, then soaking weekly using peroxide or Polident Overnight Whitening® tablets. Don't leave your cosmetic teeth in sunlight as it will accelerate yellowing.
        Smokers can ruin the teeth very quickly. Denatured alcohol can help remove tar. Also, try the clear nail polish procedure (in the printed instructions) to add stain resistance.

        7.) Can you kiss with them in or will they pop out?
        You will have to be the judge of that! If you are deep French kissing, a very embarrassing event could occur. A little nuzzling or smooching would probably be OK, so you could declare "No tongue" beforehand.

        8.) Is it possible to purchase some of that extra material?
        We sell packets of fitting plastic in 4 different ways: gum colour, tooth colour or combo gum & white beads (£4) or raw material white beads (£3). Our pigments are food-safe. Additionally you can buy a back layer piece in either size, £4.

        9.) Will these teeth work if you only have 1 tooth left on the top on the side?
        Sorry but it will NOT work. For your own health, you should have that last tooth removed and go for dentures. Being able to chew food and mix saliva into it is an essential step in digestion, and one of life's best pleasures.

        10.) Can Imako cover up two missing front teeth?
        Imako can even cover up to 4 missing front teeth!

        11.) Can the teeth be removed any time you want..3 or 4 times a day if necessary. ..and is it easy to do so?
        You can take off and put on Imako 600 times a day, never having to use adhesives. They just mould to your real teeth, and are flexible. You can even push them off with your lower teeth by jutting out your lower jaw and dislodging them. We suggest you pretend to cough into a napkin and discreetly remove them to eat this way (secure that napkin!). Yet they are reliable enough that you could holier for your favorite team and they would stay on.

        12.) Are there any dangers to wearing them?
        Our product is the only device of its kind which does not interfere with closing your bite, which can be very annoying. It is also much more flexible, which assures that your teeth are not being pressured to stay on. If you developed a tender spot, you could simply reconfigure the fitting plastic so that it did not touch that area.

        13.) When you speak with them on, do you have any annoying clicking like some people with dentures?
        That clicking is caused by dentures slipping out of place. You will never have that problem with Imako. If the fit is wrong, you are in control and you can easily fix it!

        14.) Hi. I was just wondering if you could wear Imako cosmetic teeth even if your canines stick out a little bit further than they should.
        They can be fitted lower to compensate. It might look goofy, and it might look good, I cannot predict. It depends on whether you would look better with longer front teeth.

        15.) What good are these things if you can't eat with them?
        The Imako shell is not strong enough to bite through food. Obviously the product is not the ideal situation, but there are people who can't afford dental care, or have health problems that dentistry cannot address. Just being able to look decent can be a godsend.

        16.) I have perfect teeth, no gaps, none missing, I just want a really white bleached teeth.
        The Imako is probably NOT going to be any good to you, the unit requires small gaps so the Imako can mould in to these gaps. 

        Postage - Most orders are dispatched same day, Monday-Friday if ordered before 3pm.  Orders are dispatched via Royal Mail 2nd class "signed for" mail which takes approximately 2 to 3 working days for delivery.  European Post is dispatched "International signed and tracked"can take up to 4 to 5 working days. Rest of the World, also International Signed and Tracked (if available) 6 to 7 working days, this will depend on the postal service of that country.  Prices are UK £3.95, Europe £8.20, Rest of the World £12.80 . If you require a faster service please contact us to discuss Next day Special delivery or for oversea address we will look at other couriers. 

        *Returns Policy - If the Imako Cosmetic Teeth are returned within 30 days and have not been used, you get a full refund minus shipping charges. Please include your invoice and you do not need a Return Authorization. We do appreciate a note telling us why you are returning.  The product comes wrapped inside a sealed, clear plastic sleeve. If that sleeve is open, we have to consider the product contaminated or "used".  If you return a used product, you receive £23.00 as a refund. We keep £17.95 as a 'restocking' fee, because we must dispose of contaminated product to meet health and safety requirements. 

        International customers and those wanting to "swap" may flatten the teeth and wrap them in the invoice and mail that to us in a standard business envelope to save postal fees.

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